meet our farmers


The hydrocolloids supply chain begins with our humble heroes; the farmers who cultivate the raw materials. Did you know that the cash income generated through seaweed cultivation directly benefits about 70,000 families across Indonesia? As hydrocolloids processors we appreciate and enjoy the long-term relationships we engage in with seaweed farmers and take pride in introducing the real heroes to you.

empowered Farming communities

The Indonesian seaweed processor takes care of nurturing the seaweed together with the farmers. Ensuring a sustainable supply chain with continuously evolving efficiency and quality improvements. But also enhancing farmers’ welfare and the conservation of the marine resources.

Stories from the FARMERS

Meet our humble seaweed heroes behind the Indonesian Hydrocolloids and get inspired by their stories.


As a cottoni seaweed farmer, Astrianto improved his family’s livelihood substantially. He no longer only relies on fishing. In certain months of the year he is fully focused on cultivating the seaweed while he can combine both fishing and farming in other months.

Adrianto Datullah

With 12 farmer groups we grow gracilaria, and this has benefitted our community a lot. It generates a good income to us. While both men and women are engaged in the farming process, it is fair to say that the women are very important in the process. They actually work harder than the men…

insanah daeng rinang

I continue the work of my late husband who passed away 6 months ago. It really helps me to sustain our household needs and pay for the education of my four children. In fact, the seaweed farming makes our life better than before.