About us

The Indonesian Seaweed Processor Association (ASTRULI) is a forum for the Indonesian processing industry and the manufacturers of seaweed derivatives. Its role and responsi­bility is to encourage the development of the seaweed industry in a sustainable and competitive environment in Indonesia.

Aims and values

ASTRULI was established to communicate, coordinate and distribute information among members and stakeholders. Its values are based on the principles “harvest, process and market effectively and efficiently”. The organization aims to position Indonesia as a one­-spot location for processed seaweed products and to achieve a competitive advantage for the country in the global market.


ASTRULI’s mission includes the following:

  • to nurture and develop Indonesia’s seaweed industry and encouraging its players to be professional, competitive and value­added
  • to promote a business behavior among Indonesian seaweed processors which is based on morals, business ethics and norms
  • to contribute actively in building a strong and competitive Indonesian export economy and to ensure a healthy business climate for the Indonesian seaweed industry
  • to assist the Indonesian government in achieving recognition for the importance of the Indonesian seaweed industry


Through the development and strengthening of the role of the Indonesian processing industry and the utilization of formulation technology to produce processed seaweed product, ASTRULI also assists the Indonesian government in job creation (pro­job), economic growth (pro­economic growth) and welfare improvement (pro­poor).


ASTRULI currently has 22 members, of which 12 are processors of Carrageenan and 10 are processors of Agar. The members have a wide experience in servicing international markets and certifications ranging from Kosher and Halal to BRC, HACCP, FSSC, ISO 9001 and 14001.

All members have signed the ASTRULI code of conduct that governs professional and ethical behaviour of the members.