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PT. Indoking Aneka Agar-Agar Industry (IAAI) was established with the commitment to produce and export the finest Agar-Agar to the world with a distinct benchmark on quality and safety. Indoking began as an exporter of Agar-Agar to Japan, and most of the company’s longest-running clients are from the land of the rising sun, since 1991. That itself is a true testament of quality and excellence of our products. And to add on to the list of countries that we are currently exporting our agar-agar to are Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia and France.


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Indoking began as an exporter of Agar-Agar in 1991. Along the way, in order to diversify our line of products, we started to export Pharmaceutical Grade Agar – an extension of our agar business after establishing as one of the top companies in Indonesia to export Food Grade Agar. We are also capable of taking on customized order of Food Grade Agar ranging from GS 500 – GS 1000 and Pharmaceutical Grade Agar ranging from GS 800 to GS 1000. We thrive on pushing the limits of our capability in order to improve our business and the relationship of our clients.

- Food grade Agar and Pharamaceutical grade Agar

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