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We always put our customers in the highest priority. We respond to our customer’s inquiries within short time, with efficency and qualified consistency. We ship our goods within the promised lead time, because we appreciate our customers in each and every market. CV Agar Sari Jaya has been supplying raw materials to food confectionaries in small, medium and big scale in Indonesia for more than 5 years continuously. In addition to its local success, CV Agar Sari Jaya has been exporting not only the agar-agar powder but also the raw material of agar-agar powder to some other countries, especially in Europe and Asia.

CV. Agar Sari Jaya was established in 1998  which was then still called UD Caraagenan Indonesia then becomes CV. Agar Sari Jaya in 2001. CV Agar Sari Jaya has grown from only one factory unit into two units of the plant. The second factory was established in 2003, is located in Purwosri, East Java. To reach a production capacity of more than 20 tons per month, we set up a third factory in 2006 in the area Lawang – East Java.


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Our product is used in making many foods and drink, also for culture ingredients. The Agar Powder produced by CV. Agar Sari Jaya is 100% using gracilaria seaweed, no adding food additive, still natural and pure.

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+62 341- 400 575 / 400 578


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Gilina Wahyu Endah




Perum Karanglo Indah Blok D no 8
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