The Great Exhibition Indonesian Seaweed Industry (Upstream and Downstream) at Seaweedfest 2021

Dec 29, 2021 | Article, News

     Seaweedfest is a collaboration expo from Ministry of Marine and Fisheries of Republic Indonesia with Tropical Seaweed Innovation Network. The objective is to display innovation development and variations in seaweed cultivation to processing technology, Up-scaling research and innovation results through link and match researchers with industry stakeholder, and Commercialization. There are four points based on Seaweedfest:

Blue Economy, The role of seaweed to give support to the blue economy, initiative and the government’s program.

G20 Summit, The role of seaweed to tackle global warming and climate change. (G20 Summit in Bali, 30 – 31 October 2022)

National Goals – President Decree No.33/2019, Road map for development of national seaweed industry into value added and innovation products: 5 P’s (food, feed, fertilizer, pharmaceutical products, and cosmetic products).

T S I N, The role of TSIN (Tropical Seaweed Innovation Network) to bridging innovation and industry, as well as the commercialization of seaweed research and innovation (3rd TSIN Anniversary).



     ASTRULI’s team was delighted to see many of visitors at our Pavilion Seaweedfest 2021 in Jakarta dated 20th December 2021. During this exhibition, we made visitors discover of agar-agar and carrageenan ingredients product to meet the various applications. We also presented our main ingredients, such as Pure Agar-agar Powder, Alkali Treated Carrageenan Chips, Pure Carrageenan Powder (SRC and RC), and many of Blended Products for food grade and non food grade applications.

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