Indonesia Seaweed Pavilion at Food Ingredients Europe 2019

Jan 6, 2020 | Article, News

Food Ingredients Europe was held on December 2019, Indonesia Seaweed have an Excellent booth at FIE to welcome the visitors who find out seaweed-based product ingredients. Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries supported program for development products of seaweed and also industry. We were successful collaborations from MOMAF, ASTRULI and SIPPO conducted Indonesia Seaweed Pavilion and also Ministry of Industry, ASTRULI, IPD and CBI for program market intelligence at FIE 2019 Villepinte, France. They were facilitated and promoted members product innovation of seaweed-based, present the showcase products such as fresh seaweed from Green Caviar as edible seaweed, seaweed processed such as Carrageenan and Agar-agar for mixing meat process, beverage, Jelly, bakery and more. Read our catalog exhibitors profiles to get information inquiries about the seaweed processors. The key topics of last event FIE are ‘Clean label’, ‘Reduction and reformulation’, ‘Healthy and functional’ and ‘plant-derived ingredients’.






The customers product inquiries based on quality, prices, transparency of food safety, traceability, and sustainability and Indonesia Seaweed has great to fulfill the compliance. Visitors were enthusiasts on the event, the stakeholders were able to get contact with international buyers who interest to our seaweed product.