Java Biocolloid Europe Srl, as a stepping stone to develop Indonesian seaweed producers globally

Sep 24, 2019 | News

It is one of ASTRULI’s mission to make Indonesian seaweed manufacturers to be recognized globally, including in Western market. Many ways have been taken to realize this mission, such as participating in international programs and events. This time, PT Java Biocolloid, a member of ASTRULI established a facility in Trieste, Italy, named Java Biocolloid Europe Srl.

Java Biocolloid Europe Srl will be inaugurated on Wednesday, 25th September, 2019 which is located in Via Giovanni and Sebastiano Caboto 19/7, Trieste, Italy. The inauguration will be attended by Mr. Mc Donny Watad Nagasan as Chairman of ASTRULI, Mr. Lino Paravano as the Technical Director of PT Java Biocolloid, as well as various parties that supports the establishment of this facility such as AREA Science Park, Samer Shipping & Co., and many more.

Java Biocolloid Europe Srl will bridge the Western market demand for seaweed derivative products from Indonesia and is expected to be able to open the door for Indonesian seaweed producers to develop globally.