The Launching of Seaweed Capsule Shell Industry at Airlangga University

Aug 31, 2019 | News

Indonesia Seaweed Industry Association (ASTRULI) attended the launching event of seaweed capsule shell industry at Airlangga University – Surabaya, Thursday, August 1.
ASTRULI members appreciate the hard work all the researchers to deliver this innovative product, utilizing the seaweed to the next level and advanced technology.

Mc Donny W Nagasan, chairman of ASTRULI said, “We believe the support provided by the Ministry of Industry has accomplished the target of innovation for seaweed-based product to the commercial phase. The Ministry of Industry is expected to consistently supporting research for the seaweed-based application product innovation”.

Director-General of Ministry of Industry, Abdul Rochim said “Seaweed as the main raw material has supported the economy for the coastal, Indonesia has a huge potential, with the longest beach, supporting climate is the perfect environment for seaweed cultivation and also great potential to improve the welfare of coastal communities”.

The complete hard capsule making machine and production equipments was presented by the Ministry of Industry to the University as a grant for research and development and commercialize its innovation. It can produce 3.6 million capsule shells per day and this production facility filled up 15% the need capsule shells from seaweed.

The Rector of Airlangga University, Mr. Mohammad Nasih explained, “This project of teaching industry cost IDR 4 Billion, is a grant from the state budget which is built on 559 sqm land. The product is very special, not only Halal guaranteed but competitive too”.

With the potential of raw material, the production of seaweed hard capsule shells should be considered to capture the existing market. On the other hand, Indonesia is still known as the top exporter for the raw seaweed.

ASTRULI and all seaweed stakeholders are expecting to witness more new teaching industry projects, to bring our seaweed industry to the next level and utilizing the highest value possible for seaweed processing in Indonesia.