Development Hydrocolloids Product of Indonesia Seaweed for European Market

Jun 29, 2019 | News

 Indonesia Seaweed, a brand of ASTRULI – Indonesian Seaweed Industry Association, has prepared development hydrocollois products in the European market to boost carrageenan and agar-agar production capacities. In addition, the development will be strengthened by the support from Indonesian Ministry of Industry, following its coaching and promotion that has been prepared by Centre for the Promotion of Imports (CBI) to enter the European market.

Produced with natural and sustainable process, seaweed extracts play a critical role as stabilizing and texturizing agent in wide variety of foods and beverages application like jams, confectioneries, dairies, yogurts, nutritional supplements, pharmacies, pet foods as well as technical grade.

The continuous growth in seaweed extracts demand is largely driven by consumers’ increasing demand for natural and healthy foods and beverages. The seaweed extracts expansion which is facilitated by Indonesian Ministry of Industry will continue to strengthen the products with superior qualities.

We expect, the company will be fully committed to follow each stages of the program. This program will enhance the ability of small and medium enterprises to enter global chain of natural ingredients market of European countries and gain positive responses. This program will also increase the added value of Indonesian seaweed processing industries, if possible up to other specified derivatives products other than carrageenan.” Said Tonny T. H. Sinambela, Director of Access to Industrial Resources and International Promotion, Indonesian Ministry of Industry.

The strategic development will demonstrate the commitment of Indonesia Seaweed to be the fast-growing industries and one of the most important global hydrocolloids suppliers.