International Seaweed Symposium 2019

May 9, 2019 | News

           The 23rd ISS in Jeju, South Korea was held last week. It was always a great occasion and honour for ASTRULI, with the Indonesia Seaweed brand to meet all the seaweed enthusiasts, from researchers, academics, government, and business players.

            The participating members were very happy to respond to the walk-in visitor in the booth during the 5 days. The fact that the symposium was so long allowed for more engagement between exhibitors and visitors, letting those who were interested to explore in depth the world of seaweed.

            As far as Indonesia Seaweed goes, we are very glad to receive 50 new subscriptions for the newsletter and over 50 peoples drop their name cards in our booth, keen for an update with some of them interested to pursue business opportunities with our members. This ISS was attended by 6 members of ASTRULI, 4 of them are carrageenophyte processors and the other 2 are processing agarophyte, while the other members were presenting their brochures in our booth.

            Many articles from both domestic and international media were released, keeping the public posted about news regarding the Indonesia seaweed in ISS Jeju. With this, we would like to deeply thank UNIDO that supported our association and continues to help us bring the Indonesia Seaweed brand towards an ever-growing international recognition.