Indonesia Seaweed Brand Launch Event at SIAL InterFood 2018

Dec 4, 2018 | News

The world’s largest producer of tropical seaweed hydrocolloids, under the coordination of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF), supported by SMART-Fish Program of UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) participated in SIAL InterFood  in  Jakarta on 21 – 24 November 2018. It was the venue where the Indonesia Seaweed Industry Association (ASTRULI) – acting as the umbrella for the Indonesia seaweed industry – launched the brand “Indonesia Seaweed”.

Indonesia is well-known as the world’s largest seaweed producer. Most of these seaweeds are exported to other countries.  Only few know that Indonesia also manufactures high-quality hydrocolloids like Agar, (semi-)refined Carrageenan,  as well as Alkali Treated Cottonii Chips and Alkali Treated Gracilaria.

International expansion

The participation at SIAL InterFood and the launch of the Indonesia Seaweed brand is the starting point of opening larger international market for Indonesian High-Quality Hydrocolloids. ASTRULI, together with leading Indonesia Seaweed processors as their members, are ready to present themselves to the world. SIAL InterFood was chosen based on its high potential as a gateway to export business.

Sudari Pawiro from SMARTFish Indonesia, explains: “UNIDO through SMARTFish Program has strongly supported Indonesia Seaweed industry to be more competitive in the global market. Despite abundance in resources of seaweed, exports of seaweed extracts such as carrageenan, is still below other seaweed extract producers as China and The Philippines. The SMART-Fish program is working closely with ASTRULI members and the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) in taking the industry to the next level by:

  • introducing productive farming methods in main production centers 
  • improving efficiency in processing
  • piloting Seaweed Trace (external traceability) with 8 seaweed companies involving more than 3000 seaweed farmers
  • developing the Indonesia Seaweed brand.

With these efforts, we believe Indonesia seaweed processors will be able to offer better and consistent quality, sustainable and traceable products to international buyers.”


the story behind the brand

Being asked why Indonesia Seaweed is branded as “Natural Binding Solutions to the World”, McDonny, the newly elected Chairman of ASTRULI explains: “There are numerous reasons why we consider Indonesia Seaweed as natural binding solutions to the world. First of all, Indonesian seaweed extracts are essential binding elements in food and personal care products all over the world. A solution to processors and consumers around the globe. But not only that. Indonesian seaweed is also an important source of CO2 absorption, hence contributing in a positive way against climate change. Moreover, the seaweed industry provides important economic livelihood to thousands of seaweed farmers in  coastal communities.”


what makes indonesia seaweed special?

As McDonny mentions:” Indonesia is a beautiful one spot location for both farming and processing of seaweeds. Buyers get the product straight from the source of 75% of global tropical seaweed production. And, moreover, Indonesia has internationally operating processors who provide high quality hydrocolloids Agar and (semi) refined Carrageenan and are compliant with International food safety standards. The short supply chain provides enhanced product traceability and low carbon food print. Last but not least, the producers offer price stability and social responsibility programs for the benefit of the farmers and local communities.”

We are happy with all the positive feedback of Indonesia Seaweed brand launching and network event at SIAL InterFood 2018. We look forward to the next international event!